Wake-On-LAN Utility

Presenting the Wake-On-LAN Utility, a cheesy app for the those that don't want to get off the couch to turn on the PC in the other room. Last year I was on my couch and I stared at the PC in the other room. None of the normal "bling bling" (the blue LEDs, cathode lights, etc.) was present. My machine was off. I really needed some files off of it, and I was faced with the "lazy man's remote control drama" ... basically, do I spend the 30 seconds to get up and turn on the machine, or do I spend more time ... [More]

Grammar Tidbits

I thought of this lightbulb category for this blog because I was thinking this morning that sometimes, we carry with us these little tidbits of information that we remember forever. For whatever reason, someone says something (or we read something) and it just "clicks." So I thought I'd blog about that. This one goes back to eight grade for me (and why it took me until I was 12 or 13 to learn this is beyond me, but kudos to the teacher). I believe it was the very first day of class -- she made it cle... [More]

Setting the IE View Source Editor

This information might be old news to some of you, but I just found out about it recently and was tickled to find the answer. You can find this same information elsewhere on the Internet, but I thought it was worth relating my experience... Have you ever used the View Source option in Internet Explorer and been frustrated by its affinity for NotePad? NotePad is okay for a quicky look at a random text file, but it does a pretty crappy job of displaying HTML. I decided that I'd rather use my favorite text ed... [More]

MSDN Magazine Credit

I was looking through the July issue of MSDN Magazine (here) and read the Web Q&A section. At the bottom, I was given my props when I saw the following: Thanks to the following Microsoft developers for their technical expertise: Gaylon Blank, Daniel Boerner, Greg Bybee, Jim Cheshire, John Conwell, G. Andrew Duthie, Sean Gephardt, Brian Hitney, Alun Jones, Carlos Aguilar Mares, Eduard Rusanovschi, Michael Schmidt, Matthew Smolen, and James Whittred. Sweet! Not only props, but an easy one: I don't know wha... [More]

Every Day Is a Winding Road

Today is my last day as Internet Development Manager at Coldwater Creek. After three years, I am both relieved and anxious (a psychological tug-of-war if there ever was one!) about venturing forth to new opportunities. The relief comes from knowing that I won't be receiving frantic calls from the support desk at 2:00 AM. The anxiety comes from giving up that regular paycheck for the variable income inherent in being self employed. As someone once said, there's a fine line between self employment and unempl... [More]

*gasp* Registration

In some of my recent plumbing work to the site, I modified the state handling and decided along with it to modify the administration, since the two frequently rely on one another. Perhaps I've succumbed to peer pressure or just common sense after so many people have commented, "I'm surprised you have so many pictures hosted on the internet." A few times I dug through the logs and realized the pictures are the most trafficked area of the site. What's really scary is that I have no idea where all this tr... [More]

George Ou looks at the Wireless LAN Industry

George Ou takes a nice well-deserved jab at the wireless LAN industry and several companies in general in his article Why is no one suing the Wireless LAN industry? You can read the article for yourself, and I whole-heartedly agree. I've avoided a lot of the wireless gadgets simply because the range and speeds they claim to be possible are near impossible to achieve. But this issue goes even further, if you ask me. I almost began a rant about 2 months ago entitled, "Why do some companies get away with... [More]

Revamping Session State

I'm making a number of modifications to the site to support some new features, and in the process I wanted to revamp the state management architecture. In a single server environment, using in-process session management is often a convenient and good way to maintain state. In fact, it's often the best way, but like everything else it depends on the user and technical requirements. ASP.NET offers out of process session management (see the "stateserver" option in the web.config), and also offers SQL Server... [More]

SafeCo Field Experience

On Thursday, my group (the Windows hippies, err, WinHPE) had a post-WinHEC unwinder at SafeCo Field to watch the Mariners get bitch-slapped by the Oakland A's. OK I have to be honest -- baseball is kind of a yawner. But, we had a private suite at the field and let me tell you, I give it two thumbs up. Private kitchen, roomy and comfortable seats, TVs, tons of food and beverage -- man, this is how every game should be. There's even a reserved parking space and private entrance. So damn, if I could on... [More]

Running x64, finally!

After many long days of trying to get Windows XP x64 installed on my 64-bit machine, it finally worked! I'm trying to set up my box to multiboot about every known OS to man (well, just the latest ones) ... this install was quite a bear, and I've finallty muddled through enough BSODs to get it figured out. So help me if I see another 0x0000007B STOP message. Here's the setup: AMD3800+ 64-bit chip, ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard with a Promise 378 controller and a VIA 2378 controller; 2x160GB SATA RAID 0, ... [More]

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