PDC Day 2 Sessions

Of all the sessions I took today at PDC05, two of them stood out: C# 3.0 (codenamed Orcas) and ASP.NET Atlas (essentially .NET's AJAX -- asynchronous javascript and XML -- implementation). Also below, I'll include a bunch of pictures I took from the show -- I spent a little time walking around since Annie, Kerry, Beverly, and Erin from the Windows Hardware Platform Evangelism team flew down from Redmond to check out the event (whew, some familiar faces!). I've now had the honor of seeing Anders Hejlsber... [More]

PDC: Day 2 Update

Small update here from PDC05. There's the usual bling around the exhibitor booths that you expect at tradeshows... I think Altova wins the award for the "loudest" bling with a small logo pin containing a bunch of rapidly flashing LEDs. It should carry an epilepsy warning. Picts to come shortly. On a cool note, I was a randomly selected for a free developer license of Telerik's r.a.d. controls suite -- I've never used them before but they look nifty. Thanks Telerik! I attended an IIS7 session on creat... [More]

PDC: Why Adobe Should Be Nervous

Today at PDC05 I've been seeing and tinkering with Expression (codenamed Sparkle) ... now, I'm not one to hype on Metro being a PDF killer, or Expression being a Flash killer -- however, they do represent serious contenders. Microsoft has historically lacked good design tools, an area owned by Adobe especially since they bought Macromedia. While Microsoft's developer tools have always been fantastic, the distinction between design and development has always been a little lacking. Sometimes, the distincti... [More]

PDC Day 1 Sessions

PDC05 day 1 was productive. It's pretty hard to grasp the size of the event -- admittedly I'm a tad quiet and out of place because even though I'm representing Microsoft, I'm incognito. I'm not walking around in a blue shirt. (What's funny is that I did wear a blue shirt at WinHEC, where I was almost completely unqualified to answer most questions. Not only was I brand new to MSFT at the time, but I'm also not a driver or hardware developer.) I'm attaching a couple of pictures here -- the first is t... [More]

PDC: Keynote Impressions

If you liked Napoleon Dynamite, you should find the keynote to PDC05 -- specifically try and nab the Billg video with Napoleon Dynamite. Fantastic. I have to admit, I have a hard time sitting still for 3 hours -- even if it's content geared for developers. Even so, I enjoyed the keynote. All the demos were done well... if you're into IE, I especially like the tabbed browsing preview window (you can see thumbnails of all the tabs on a single page). Quite cool. As for Vista, it's not anything of cou... [More]

Gearing up for PDC

We're in LA (Hollywood to be exact) gearing up for PDC05! Throughout the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is plenty of PDC 2005 advertisements -- a nice touch. I'll need to take a shuttle to and from the event center as I couldn't get a room close enough to the event to walk, but I can't complain about the view from the room. Grauman's Chinese Theatre is right outside. I'm heading over to the conference center as early as possible. If you're staying out here in Hollywood, let me know. The sessions I'm cu... [More]

Microsoft: Month 6 Review

It's hard to believe I've been at Microsoft for 6 months now. Wow! Time has really flown. So how is it? What's life like on the inside on a daily basis? Interesting, that's for sure. In many ways, Microsoft is just like any other company; they're are projects, meetings, decisions, etc. Upon closer inspection, there are some huge differences. Some are physical: the campus, of course, is huge. My buddy Tom (who I shared an office with for a bit in building 40) and I have our bikes handy: it's good ex... [More]

Verizon's $.40 Mistake

If you're a Verizon Wireless customer, you may have noticed a new $.40 (40 cent) "Administrative Fee" on your latest bill, which will go into affect beginning October 1st. This new fee has raised a lot of online chatter in various forums about the possibility of getting out of 1 or 2 year contacts due to this new fee. The short answer is, "yes," you can indeed be excused of the contact without paying an early termination fee by calling Verizon within 60 days of receiving the notice. The terms of service ... [More]

Passing Reference Types By Value

A lot of people seemed confused (see this post) when passing reference types by value in the .NET Framework, as described by example 4 in this MSDN article: C# Language Features : Passing Parameters I can see why it is confusing but it makes sense ... when you pass a reference type by value, it passes in a copy of the reference, not a copy of the object. You now have two pointers on the stack to the same object on the heap. So while you may access the object through different references, the same objec... [More]

Code Review

No, not that kind of code review. This is a review of the book, "Code - The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software." Quite simply, this is the best book I've read in years. (Disregard the fact that I can count on one hand the number of books I've read in the past few years -- technical references don't count!) I'd like to discuss my incentive for buying the book; but, before I begin, let me share a story of what happened today. This week, I'm in a developer training class on campus that ... [More]

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