Sessionless ReportViewer Control

Microsoft ships a ReportViewer control that integrates with SQL Reporting Services to display reports on an ASPX page.  There's an older one for SQL 2000 Reporting Services, but specifically I'm dealing with 2005. It's pretty slick.  The only challenge is: getting the thing to work without session state.  If you're trying to use the control to run reports in local mode without session state, you're hosed.  But that's ok, because most people tend to run them remotely.  According to t... [More]

Help, I've Been Googled.

Ouch ... about once a week or so I'll look over my site stats, and I was a bit surprised to look at the search engine report (found here).  (In short: currently I'm looking at over 3x the normal Googlebot volume, well above the others.)   With the exception of October 05, Google has consistently been one of the lightest indexers of my site, yet accounts for the most referrals.  This is a good thing ... and before I get any more drinking the MSFT coolaid cracks from the midwest (j/k ... but yo... [More]

Glacier: A New Logging Application!

I'm pleased to have finally completed a new electronic logbook tool called Glacier!  Glacier is designed to replace paper logbooks you'd often see in places like control rooms, security desks, plants, factories, or anywhere there might be a chronological logbook of events.I've had some experiencing writing a similar application over 5 years ago, and with all the latest advances in technology, I decided to give it another spin.  Specifically, Glacier is built entirely in C# 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, a... [More]

Windows Vista Upgrade Process

This article on "Why Vista Won't Suck" has seen a lot of buzz lately, from Slashdot to news articles to blogs like Mike's.  It's hard to get excited about the article since I'm entrenched with Vista every day, but one of the big things to take away from the article is the benefits that aren't visible.  Fit and finish is always the final stuff ... but I daresay, it's coming together, albeit slower than most people would've hoped (see #4).Still, one of the coolest things, I think, is Windows Anytime... [More]

Licensing Your .NET Applications

Have you ever wanted to create a licensing scheme for a .NET application?  In some ways, this process is very easy... but in others, it's annoyingly complex.  I figured I'd write about a few different methods available, and discuss some of the issues this presents with .NET as a platform.First, there is no single "right way" ... it all depends on the purpose of the licensing.  For example, is the licensing trying to reduce piracy?  Or, is it in place to remind the user or enforce licensi... [More]

Cool VS2005 Add On

Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects is a cool add on to VS2005 I just discovered -- it's a tool that wraps up some of the functionality in deploying/building/publishing web applications in VS2005.  It doesn't do anything (well, almost -- it does have a new assembly merge tool) you can't do by command line / configuration / GUI options.  It does, though, neatly coalesce these options.It's pretty noninvasive in the project, and adding a deployment project makes it real easy to deploy to dev/s... [More]

Random Thoughts

I haven't been blogging much lately:  development-wise, things are super busy, and of course, there's a new Hitney in the house (registered users can see picts in the pictures section).  Result: no free time.  But, I did have a bunch of random thoughts...the first one:I got a kick out of StarForce attempting to sue a blogger for harassment (see this post).  The blogosphere is still figuring out its legal standing, but this letter was fairly amusing.  After knowing a few people who'v... [More]

Telerik: Doing it Right

Back at PDC I was the lucky recipient of a free license of Telerik's ASP.NET Controls Suite.  It's a suite of great looking ASP.NET controls -- particularly, the r.a.d. Grid and r.a.d. Editor are likely the biggest, but the others are really cool, too.  The r.a.d. Callback control is essentially an AJAX-enabler for virtually any typically non-AJAX enabled control (for example, you can make a typical ASP Label update asynchronously).  Neat stuff.But, I'm not here to review the controls (I alre... [More]

X-Box "Attach Rate"

I think the X-Box 360 is awesome ... really, I do.  But I have a complaint.  I just read a statistic (see time 7:56, or search 'X-Box attach rate') that the X-Box is averaging 4 game sales for every console sold -- which, apparently, is a very high initial sale rate -- more than any other console sold.This is great, but I question the value of this number as every store (that I know of) is selling the X-Box with large bundles of games only ... sure, under pressure Best Buy came out to admit that t... [More]

Firefox Revisited

Awhile ago I praised Firefox.  It's a good browser.  But butter than IE?  As one of my old (old as in former, not age, Jules) used to say, "Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't."  It seems to fit well with the whole Microsoft name calling, no?  (Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?)Even on my machines running IE6 (and not IE7) I have been using IE over Firefox much of the time.  I'm not against comparing one product to another --... [More]

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