Roadshow Materials

Thanks for those who came out to the roadshow over the past few weeks!   In this post, I’ll include the sample files and slides used in my ASP.NET 4.0 overview talk.  A couple of notes:  each presentation on the show was a bit different.  In some cases, some slides were not used.  Also, the VS2010 demo solutions here are “approximate” as they were done a bit differently at each venue. The webforms solution demos routing in web form as well as using the QueryExtender control.&... [More]

Recommended Drive Configuration

Awhile back, a good friend and MVP asked how I configured my drive(s) on a new machine.   There’s no single right or wrong way of course, but thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject, especially now that Windows 7 is arriving on the scene.  Let’s start with some assumptions:  the first assumption is that the machine is laptop – not that a desktop would be all that different, but there are a lot more options on a desktop (RAID, larger drives, etc.) that would influence my choice. ... [More]

Amusing picture at Fry’s

I think the Fry’s in Seattle has the same thing, but last time I was in Atlanta, I snapped this picture while going into Fry’s.  Glen Gordon and I laughed about it – my initial thought was, “Wow, they catch enough thieves that they need a dedicated police spot?  They can’t just park in front of the building?”  But, then I realized that it is precisely what they want you to think.  Clever.  My next thought was, “Who spelt ‘vehicle’ wrong?”  The text on all three lines is cente... [More]

MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow Soon…

Happy summer!  Our next roadshow series are coming up in September – be sure to register soon!  This time around, we’ve come up with the following topics: Session 1: Building Connected Silverlight Applications Silverlight is a compelling platform for building visually engaging applications that run within a browser. Many sessions focus on building UI, but not too many address how to effectively interact with services, either on the web or within your organization, from Silverlight. In this se... [More]

Worldmaps: New Users

The Worldmaps users queue is getting big!  Just wanted to thank everyone for their interest, but in response to so many emails, I thought I should explain how to get signed up on Worldmaps.  After creating an account, it must be approved before the account can be used.  The main reason for this is to slowly ramp up on bandwidth to make sure the service (both website and database) are providing a good experience.  During high volume, the service is processing many requests per second – ... [More]

Debugging Tips and Tricks, Part 5

The last in the series has been post to Channel9.   In the last part, we’ll look at using the Set Next statement, using the .NET reference source code for stepping through the BCLs,  and some other tips for exception handling and using Mole for advanced visualization. 

Roadshow Slides

If you came out to our recent MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow, thanks!  Here are the slides I was working with during the IE8 and Win7 sessions.  I’ll be (hopefully) getting some code samples and webcasts uploaded soon … IE8 and Win7 Decks

Debugging Tips and Tricks, Part 4

Part 4 of the 5-part series is up on Channel 9.  In the previous screencasts, we looked at setting breakpoints and how to work with advanced breakpoints, filters, and working with multiple threads.  We also took a quick look at tracepoints.  In part 4, we'll look at the watch windows, the immediate window, and Make Object ID command…

Southern Fried Roadshow Coming Soon!

In about two weeks, we’ll be kicking off our next MSDN Southern Friend Roadshow – this time, hitting Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Here’s the session lineup: · Highlights of MIX 2009 There were many exciting announcements at MIX 2009 around Silverlight. This whirlwind session will introduce the new capabilities coming in Silverlight 3, including behaviors, new controls, and support for running Silverlight apps outside of the browser. We’ll also take groundbreaking i... [More]

Debugging Tips and Tricks, Part 3

The third in the series of debugging tips has been posted to Channel 9(including the player here, too).   A quick abstract: In parts 1 and 2, we looked at setting breakpoints, and talked about setting up advanced breakpoints using hit counts and some simple conditions.  In part 3, we’ll dive a little deeper into some conditions by writing methods to help debug our application, then look at using the filter breakpoint modifier to debug multithreaded applications.  Finally, we’ll take a q... [More]

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