Geo-Load Balancing with the Azure Traffic Manager

One of the great new features of the Windows Azure platform is the Azure Traffic Manager, a geo load balancer and durability solution for your cloud solutions.  For any large website, managing traffic globally is critical to the architecture for both disaster recovery and load balancing. When you deploy a typical web role in Azure, each instance is automatically load balanced at the datacenter level.   The Azure Fabric Controller manages upgrades and maintenance of those instances to ensure ... [More]

CodeMastery This Weekend in Atlanta

Chris Williams just let me know about an event happening in Atlanta this Saturday, Oct 8 … and it’s free!  Free is good.   Check it out here: Sessions: 1. CSLA .NET intro - Rocky Lhotka Topic will give attendees a high level overview of CSLA as an application framework. Key moving parts of CSLA will be covered, along with answering the most important question: Why use CSLA? Roles of business objects, data portal, rules, authentication and authorization w... [More]

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