Acer 1420P (PDC Laptop) Service Manual

There aren’t too many Acer 1420P netbooks out there – this is the one given out at PDC 2009.  I was recently having some problems with it and needed to disassemble (to the bone).  If you’ve ever disassembled a laptop, you know you pretty much need a service manual to guide you.  I love my laptops, but working on them makes me really appreciate the modular ATX design in many desktops. The problem was finding the service manual – I’m not exactly sure where I ... [More]

New Worldmaps Reporting Site

Thanks to the folks at Infragistics, there’s a new reporting site for Worldmaps!   This Silverlight application not only looks great, but provides many new ways to drill down into the data: One of the cool things you can do is easily compare to sites – the app has tabs that allows you to add multiple sites (unlike the still-existing old dashboard which showed only your neighbors in the leaderboard): What’s even cooler is playing around with the Gapminder stats: A Gapminder chart is idea... [More]

Connected Show: Migrating To Azure

I recently sat down with Peter Laudati, my cloud colleague up in the NY/NJ area, and discussed Worldmaps and the migration to the cloud in Peter’s and Dmitry’s Connected Show podcast .   Thanks guys for the opportunity! Connected Show - Episode #40 – Migrating World Maps to Azure A new year, a new episode. This time, the Connected Show hits 40! In this episode, guest Brian Hitney joins Peter to discuss how he migrated the My World Maps application to Window... [More]

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