Windows Azure Guest OS

In a Windows Azure project, you can specify the Guest OS version for your VM.  This is done by setting the osVersion property inside the ServiceConfiguration file: If you don’t specify a version explicitly, the latest Guest OS is chosen for you.  For production applications, it’s probably best to always provide an explicit value, and I have a real world lesson that demonstrates this! MSDN currently has a Guest OS Version and SDK Compatibility Matrix page that is extremely helpful if you’re t... [More]

Scaling Down – Text Version

I caught some Flak this weekend at the Charlotte Code Camp when Justin realized my recent Scale Down with Windows Azure post was principally a screencast (aside from the code sample).   So Justin, I’m documenting the screencast just for you! :) First, a good place to start with this concept is on Neil Kidd’s blog post.   Go ahead and read that now … I’ll wait.  Most of this code is based off of his original sample, I’ve modified a few things and brought it forward to work with the ... [More]

Scaling Down with Windows Azure

Awhile back, Neil Kidd created a great blog post on scaling down in Windows Azure.  The concept is to multithread your Azure worker roles (and web roles, too) – even if you have a single core (small instance) VM, most workloads are network IO blocked, not CPU blocked, so creating a lightweight framework for supporting multiple workers in a single role not only saves money, but makes sense architecturally.  In this screencast, I updated Neil’s concept a bit, and bring it forward to work with the ... [More]

Finally, at last, done with Webhost4Life

I’ve recently completed my migration from Webhost4Life!  Woohoo!  For a long time, I’ve felt a bit captured because they’ve hosted my blog, email for a few domains, etc.  It’s difficult to make the move. I’ll say this upfront:  if you need $10/mo hosting, it’s hard to beat and easier than hosting at home.  So right away, before I slam webhost4life too much, I understand the cheap price and you can’t really expect the moon.  If you’re hosting your kid’s sports league site, the ... [More]

Book Review: Azure in Action

Most of the people who know me know I’ve invested a lot of my time in Windows Azure.  “I’m all in.”  :)   Last year, we began doing presentations on Azure after it was announced at PDC 2008.  Over the months, from SDS to SQL Azure, PDC 2008 to PDC 2009, the platform evolved and of course, is now under general availability.  I went through a lot of trials and tribulations as I migrated Worldmaps and the created @Home with Windows Azure applications.  Learning any new plat... [More]

.NET Rocks this Thursday

The .NET Rocks guys are coming on Thursday to Duke, and it’s not too late to register!  Here’s some more info, and to register, go here: Carl and Richard are loading up the DotNetMobile (a 30 foot RV) and driving to your town again to show off their favorite bits of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0! Richard talks about Web load testing and Carl talks about Silverlight 4.0 and multimedia. And to make the night even more fun, we’re going to bring a mystery rock star from ... [More]

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