Register To Attend A Windows Azure Virtual Hands-On Workshop

@HOME WITH WINDOWS AZURE I’m really excited to announce a project my colleagues Jim, John and I have been working on.  We wanted to come up with a project that would: 1) be fun for users to learn Azure, 2) help illustrate scale, 3) do something useful, and 4) be fun to develop (from our end).  I think we got it!  Here is a rundown: Elevate your skills with Windows Azure in this hands-on workshop! In this event we’ll guide you through the process of building and deploying a large s... [More]

MSDN Flash Forward …

Many of you reading this are already subscribed, but if you didn’t know about MSDN Flash, be sure to check it out!  Flash is a semi-weekly newsletter (delivered via email) with links to upcoming events, developer news, etc.  It’s a great way to stay connected to the development community.  (One note: be sure to enter your zip code when subscribing – it ensures we get the right events for your area!) Here in the southeast, Glen Gordon and I partner up on contributing content to Flash, and wri... [More]

Marquee Lives!

I’m helping to organize some East Region Azure Boot Camps ( – stay tuned for more info! – and had a humorous moment while surfing the various reg pages we have in place. Our Click To Attend registration site is using … I can’t believe it … a marquee tag!  See for yourself, but it’s short lived for maintenance.  Now, this is 100% Click to Attend and nothing to do with the event on the page.  The event, by the way, is the Ft. Lauderdale Azure Boot Camp!  Awes... [More]

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