Slides from Azure Roadshow

I’ve had a number of requests for slides and resources for the recent Azure roadshow in NC and FL – here are the slides and resources.  The slides are for sessions 2 and 3: Worldmaps application: Stumbler application (shown during breaks): SETI @ Home: Folding @ Home:

More Leaderboard Tweaks

Worldmaps users might see some volatility in the leaderboard today! In January I posted about a change in the leaderboard, where maps were then rated by hits/day average, not total hits.  Overall, this was a much more fluid way to rate maps as it allows all users to participate on equal ground. The biggest downside to this approach, though, is that sites are subject to volume fluctuations over time.  For example, a site might suddenly gain a great deal of new visitors, but the volume might be “h... [More]

Ip2Location (and IPinfoDB) Performance Tips

I’ve done a number of talks lately on Worldmaps and typically in side conversations/emails, people are curious about the databases and converting IP addresses to geographic locations.   And, often when you dive into using the data, it seems there are a number of performance considerations and I thought I’d share my input on these topics. First up, the data.  Worldmaps uses two databases for IP resolution.  The primary/production database is Ip2Location.  I’ve found this database to... [More]

Another Geek Dinner, Thursday 3/4

Prior to the MSDN Event in Charlotte on Friday, Glen and I will head over to Ruby Tuesday on 3/4 around 6pm.  If you’re in Charlotte and would like to hang out, please stop over.   If you have Azure related questions, stop on over! Ruby Tuesday 8905 Red Oak Blvd, Charlotte, NC

Geek Dinner Wednesday

After the MSDN Event on Wednesday 3/3/2010, Glen and I will head over the Carolina Ale House around the corner from the event.  Attending Wednesday’s event?   Stop by after the event – we’ll start around 6pm! Brier Creek Ale House 7981 Skyland Ridge Pkwy, Raleigh, NC

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