New VS Tools for Windows Azure, Feb 2010

The latest Visual Studio Tools for Windows Azure (v 1.1, Feb 2010) was just released and can be downloaded here.  It does not support VS2010 Beta 2, so you’ll need to either use VS2008, or wait until VS2010 RC in a few weeks. I’m really excited about this release for 1 immediate to-do in my code, and 1 would-be-fun to-do in my code.  First, Windows Azure Drive beta is available in this release (called XDrive at PDC).   Windows Azure Drive lets you mount an NTFS virtual hard disk (VHD) b... [More]

Windows Azure Role Communication

I have a few posts along the lines of scaling an Azure application, but thought I’d throw this tidbit out.  You might be developing your own management system for your Azure deployments, and in doing so, having visibility into the roles running within your deployment is very handy.   The idea behind this series of posts is to ultimately explore how to get visibility into roles, and then a few ways we can tackle inter-role communication.  The first task is to define internal endpoints f... [More]

SQL Azure Transport-Level Error

If you’ve been playing with SQL Azure, you might have run into this error when opening a connection to the database: A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.) Ick!  Anything at that transport level surely can’t be a problem with my code, can it?  :) The goods news is that you aren’t going crazy and the problem isn’t with your code.  There’s a d... [More]

Robocopy in Win7

I’m surprised I didn’t realize this earlier, but Win7 introduced multithreading support in Robocopy.  I’ve always used Robocopy for copying lots of files particularly over a network, and especially over a VPN.  I’ve also always specified the /E /Z switches to copy all folders, and support file resume.  File resume is especially helpful over a VPN because the VPN connection may be lost for any number of reasons.  I’ve had situations where my access was off for hours, and it picks up rig... [More]

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