Leaderboard Tweaks and T-SQL Fun

With the chaos of the Worldmaps to Azure migration winding down, I decided to take a look at some the low-pri issues on my to-do list.   Those close to the project or who follow their leaderboard ranking closely know that last year, the leaderboard was ranked by Total Hits.  This worked pretty well at the time, but it made it impossible for those who joined the site weeks or months after others to compete unless their site had considerable more volume to close the gap. This year, I changed t... [More]

Customizing your Worldmaps

I admit that site design is something that often takes a back seat when developing Worldmaps, but in the recent migration to Windows Azure, I added a few new minor customizations to the maps. When you log into your account, you should see a list that contains all of your current maps: From this screen, you can either modify a map, or create a new one.   When creating a new map, you’ll see a simple form to fill out: All of the information that is required for the map is the URL and Leaderb... [More]

Worldmaps Update

The recent update to Windows Azure went quite well!  The site is now using a single Azure webrole, a single Azure worker role, Azure Queues for workload, and Azure Blobs for storage.  It’s also using SQL Azure as the database.   From a user’s point of view, not much has changed but the performance and scalability has been much improved.  On the stats page, I implemented a few new stats … First up is the hourly breakdown of hits to a site.  Below is Channel 9’s current breakdo... [More]

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