MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow

We’re back!  Starting early November, we’ll start our fall MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow series.  Right now, we’re scheduled here: 11/4/2009 Greensboro 11/5/2009 Raleigh 11/6/2009 Columbia [More]

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and Fx 4 Available

This is exciting!  Today, VS2010 Beta 2 and .NET Framework 4 is available for MSDN subscribers.  For more information on VS2010, visit the Visual Studio home page.   If you’re not an MSDN subscriber, general availability is October 21st.  Also, and more importantly, the official launch date:  March 22nd, 2010.   Mark your calendars! Also, MSDN has received a bit of a makeover, so check it out while downloading.  You may have noticed a few SKU changes with VS/MSD... [More]

Project Location Not Trusted Tip

Ever get a dialog box like this when opening a project? This can occur under a number of scenarios – for example, opening a solution on a network share.  But in this case, the files themselves were tagged while being downloaded (as you can see in the path – it’s on my desktop).  If you right click the solution file (or other file in the group), you’ll see the file is tagged as such: The problem is, all files in the group have to be unblocked, and if you’ve got a large project, it can be so... [More]

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