Recommended Drive Configuration

Awhile back, a good friend and MVP asked how I configured my drive(s) on a new machine.   There’s no single right or wrong way of course, but thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject, especially now that Windows 7 is arriving on the scene.  Let’s start with some assumptions:  the first assumption is that the machine is laptop – not that a desktop would be all that different, but there are a lot more options on a desktop (RAID, larger drives, etc.) that would influence my choice. ... [More]

Amusing picture at Fry’s

I think the Fry’s in Seattle has the same thing, but last time I was in Atlanta, I snapped this picture while going into Fry’s.  Glen Gordon and I laughed about it – my initial thought was, “Wow, they catch enough thieves that they need a dedicated police spot?  They can’t just park in front of the building?”  But, then I realized that it is precisely what they want you to think.  Clever.  My next thought was, “Who spelt ‘vehicle’ wrong?”  The text on all three lines is cente... [More]

MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow Soon…

Happy summer!  Our next roadshow series are coming up in September – be sure to register soon!  This time around, we’ve come up with the following topics: Session 1: Building Connected Silverlight Applications Silverlight is a compelling platform for building visually engaging applications that run within a browser. Many sessions focus on building UI, but not too many address how to effectively interact with services, either on the web or within your organization, from Silverlight. In this se... [More]

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