Worldmaps: New Users

The Worldmaps users queue is getting big!  Just wanted to thank everyone for their interest, but in response to so many emails, I thought I should explain how to get signed up on Worldmaps.  After creating an account, it must be approved before the account can be used.  The main reason for this is to slowly ramp up on bandwidth to make sure the service (both website and database) are providing a good experience.  During high volume, the service is processing many requests per second – ... [More]

Debugging Tips and Tricks, Part 5

The last in the series has been post to Channel9.   In the last part, we’ll look at using the Set Next statement, using the .NET reference source code for stepping through the BCLs,  and some other tips for exception handling and using Mole for advanced visualization. 

Roadshow Slides

If you came out to our recent MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow, thanks!  Here are the slides I was working with during the IE8 and Win7 sessions.  I’ll be (hopefully) getting some code samples and webcasts uploaded soon … IE8 and Win7 Decks

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