Upgrade some ol’ HD-DVDs to Blu-ray

I was in a store not too long ago and saw the Ultimate Matrix collection on blu-ray, but sadly, I have the same set on HD-DVD.  Can’t really justify buying it again even though I’m not going to use my HD-DVD player much longer.  But, I stumbled on a cool site by Warner Bros that allows you to upgrade many of your HD-DVDs, including some boxed sets like the Ultimate Matrix collection.  It’s not free, but for the most part the costs are reasonable and is done by sending in the album art, not ... [More]

What is AT&T doing? Or is it IE?

Any takers as to what is going on here?   Little things like this can be so frustrating and yet funny at the same time.  So quick background:  cancel wife’s old cell phone, decide to get a new pay-as-you go plan because she never/rarely uses it.  Most carriers have a plan that for $100, you can add a bunch of minutes that expire after a year, so, it works out to be about $8/mo.   I already have an AT&T account, so decide to go through them.  I go through check... [More]

Teaching Time Warner

In general I try to avoid overly political/critical posts but in this case, I’m making an exception.  Recently, Time Warner Cable (TWC) decided to expand some metered bandwidth trials, and one market they decided to test it in is Greensboro, NC (my market).   This has gone around in the press (online, newspapers, and even on the evening news) so much, it’s hard to not know about this even in other markets.  Clearly, going from an “unlimited” plan to a metered plan will raise a few eyebro... [More]

Persisting User Settings in Silverlight

One topic that comes up frequently in dev circles is persisting data in Silverlight applications.  There are a number of ways to do this, and the right solution depends on the data that is being stored.  In ASP.NET applications, user settings are typically stored in a database and often abstracted through a mechanism like the ASP.NET Profile provider in conjunction with the ASP.NET Membership provider.  The make the end user experience a bit better, log in state (or simply the username) is pe... [More]

Worldmaps Stumbler

I’m happy to announce I’ve finally completed a cool little Silverlight app entitled “Worldmaps Stumbler” (thanks Andrew for the name!).  So what is it?  Worldmaps Stumbler essentially plots Worldmaps data in near-real time using Silverlight and Virtual Earth.   While the current stats maps currently use Virtual Earth and web services to plot data, the experience is largely utilitarian, and due to the nature of the application, I wasn’t able to incorporate any real-time information. Wi... [More]

Charlotte Code Camp Materials

I’ve had these files scattered in other posts, but thought I’d consolidate them here.  Attached is the sample project and slides from the Code Camp debugging presentation.  (Note: I didn’t use the slides, but they are annotated pretty well for notes.) Slides VS2008 Solution


This one almost escaped my notice but Windows Home Server is up on MSDN (and apparently has been for a few weeks now).  I’ve been using WHS for the past month and love it.  I put two 1.5 TB drives in an old system, and with all the shared folders and PC backups, I have a ton of free space still.  I wish the media sharing (Zune DRM) was a bit better, but there’s a lot of potential for some cool plugins.  If you haven’t tried it and have an MSDN license, be sure to build up a VPC with ... [More]

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