Has Netflix Shot Itself in the Foot?

Every company at some point makes a mistake (Microsoft has made their fair share).  Netflix has been wildly successful and the rise of online streaming will only continue.  But I can’t help but think that Netflix may have made a mistake here.   Like many people, we’ve (my family) been looking hard at the cost of TV and other non-essentials, and that’s why we got a Netflix subscription.  It was (overall) a good deal.   But back in October, Netflix increased the rates for ... [More]

Charlotte Code Camp!

The next Charlotte Code Camp is this Saturday, March 28th!  The schedule is looking great (click image for full schedule) … hope to see you there! From the event page: “This event features mobile and component development tracks including DNN, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, XNA and web development for smart phones. We offer a limited choice of various software development books for each attendee along with programmer oriented "swag" from contributors such as Microsoft. W... [More]

Hits Per Day … Better Ranking?

I promised awhile ago that I’d revamp the Worldmaps ranking system – classically, Worldmap Rank was always based off of total hits.  While this rewarded longer-term usage, it made newcomers have virtually no chance of catching up and competing unless they owned a high volume site.  The other problem with total hits was “rank parking” – that is, a website hits with a lot of volume, then either stops using the service, or pings it infrequently.   There are two phases in coming up with a ... [More]

Worldmaps Locator Updated

Cool little update to Worldmaps for setting up a new account.  The account page has been modified to make it easier to select a “home location” for the map.  A mini Virtual Earth powered map allows you to interactively find a latitude and longitude, and will populate the current map’s Lat/Long if a map is selected for editing.  Feedback was loud and clear that old implementation … well, left a bit to be desired.  Hopefully this will lower the bar of entry to getting up and going and ... [More]

Fox News Needs a Geography Lesson

Maybe it’s because I just returned from Vegas.  Maybe it’s because I used to live in Idaho.  Maybe it’s because I’m not part of the 20% who can’t locate the US on a world map, but geez, how do graphics like this get on air?   

Mix09 Day 2 and 3 Wrap-up

Day 2 and 3 of Mix09 is a bit harder to summarize in a blog post.  Day 1 was much of the sound and fury behind Expression 3 and Silverlight.  Everyone (Microsoft and non-Microsoft folks alike) are largely absorbing it all.  Day 2 and 3 are largely about networking and the conversations – and that’s why Vegas is a great venue for Mix as it facilitates the “conversation” much more than PDC or TechEd.  SketchFlow in Expression Blend has to be one of coolest app/demo that I’ve seen. &... [More]

Mix09 Day 1 Wrap-up

No fancy pictures to post – for those, head over to flickr to see what’s going on at the Venetian.   After sitting in the keynote, 2 sessions, and hanging at the 3rd Place (open conversations area), having good conversations at breakfast/lunch and playing a bit of Rockband with my east-coast compatriots, I’m remembering why I love Mix so much! Here’s my impressions after day 1, in no particular order: 1) ASP.NET MVC 1.0 shipped.  This is a bit of a surprise as RC2 is only a few weeks old, b... [More]

Blog Migrated to blogengine.net

Back in 2004, I created my own blog engine (if you can call it a blog engine) as part of my site.  At the time, it was a fun exercise as I was new to RSS.  Over time, like any other pet project, my desire to keep it up to date was waning, and it eventually became more of a burden than anything else.  There were a list of features I wanted to have – Live Writer support being one, plus a myriad other features.  Why reinvent the wheel? So I spent a considerable amount of time thi... [More]

Adding Charts...

I thought it would be interesting to play with some charting of the statistics in Worldmaps.  On each map's stat page, instead of the traditional browser stats as I showed in my last post, I figured it would be more meaningful in chart.  The result looks like:There isn't enough data yet to make them look that great, but by next month the charts will start filling out a bit.  The chart on the left shows typical browser stats in percentage, and the chart on the right shows overall traffic per m... [More]

Browser Stats Added to Worldmaps

A quick update to Worldmaps:  browser stats are now included on the report page!  Not quite in sexy piechart fashion, but the data is there and we can massage it later.The screen to the left is from about 1 day of Channel9 traffic -- apparently, reports of Opera's death have been exaggerated.  (Are those all mobile devices??)

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