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I think I finally got Peter hooked on WorldMaps.  My latest victim.  And of course, it wouldn't be possible with the official WorldMaps evangelist, G. Andrew Duthie.  Thanks guys!A few questions came up on Twitter, so I thought I'd take the time to expound on them here.  The first question was: who are the top WorldMap users?  Here's the top 10 at a glance: Site Hits 5,137,942 722,489 http:... [More]

geekSpeak Today!

Later on today at 3pm, I'll be joining my colleague Glen Gordon on geekSpeak, where we'll be hosting a talk with Karl Shifflet.  I'd have to sum up Karl's year as ... "insane."  I admit, I barely knew Karl a year ago and now he's everywhere!  Today he'll be talking about the Mole Visualizer tool he has been developing.  For more information or to join, go here:

Raleigh Launch Event

I'll be presenting at the { Heroes Happen Here } event in Raleigh on May 2nd.  It looks like the tracks are all full, but check back at the site if you're waiting to get in!  (And hey, if you've registered and don't think you're going to attend, be sure to de-register.)  To be honest with you, the content at our launch events is fairly lightweight, so while I'd love to see the room jam-packed, if you're looking for deeper and varied content, keep your eyes out for more info on the Charlotte C... [More]

My Eyes, My Eyes!

I came across this today while redeeming an online coupon.  Let's just get right to it without the preamble (click for larger version):Oh, how this pains me.  To protect the innocent I blocked off what would otherwise be incriminating, but suffice it to say this came from a large retailer.  And sadly, this is one I've been to -- I don't mean I've been there shopping (though I have), but I mean I've been to their offices, though as far as I know this is outsourced and hosted elsewhere.  L... [More]

Geek Happy Hour and Launch Event!

It's going to be a busy week!  In Raleigh on Monday evening?  Join Brad Abrams and me at the Carolina Ale House at Brier Creek.  We should be over there by 5:00pm.  If you'd like to meet Brad and say hello, stop on over!  We're keeping things casual, but fear not: Brad will back in action on Wednesday when he presents at TRINUG.  Sandwiched between the two is the VS2008/WS2008/SQL2008 launch event in Charlotte!  Check it out here: [More]

Screen Clippings...

Some interesting screen clippings I came across.The first is of the winning bid in the Charter High Speed Internet auction.  The auction, I imagine, took on a life of its own and the winning bid:Wow!  The nice news is that Charter donated the proceeds to charity.  As some have pointed out, though, that wasn't announced until last minute, so most of the bids were done not knowing this.  Still a good cause, but can't believe the auction got that high.  Not sure how high I'd go to get ... [More]

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