TechEd: Birds of a Feather Sessions

Via Rob Zelt!INETA and Culminis are helping to organize the Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions at TechEd coming this year in June.  If you've never attended a BoF session at a large conference, you really have to go.  Some of the best networking opportunities happen at these sessions, so if you'd like to submit suggestions or volunteer to help, check out Rob's post on the subject.BoF submissions and voting closes on March 19th!

VS 2008 Install Fests! Register Now!

We had a fantastic run of events with the Visual Studio 2008 Install Fests December and January!Just a reminder, the registration site for the free copies goes offline tomorrow, February 22nd!  If you received a copy of VS 2008 at one of the Install Fests, and haven't registered it yet, please do by EOD tomorrow!  (A little birdie told me the site may stay online over the weekend, but still, get it in as soon as possible!) 

New Regional Director for the Carolinas

Over the weekend, the Raleigh User Group hosted their third code camp!  What a great event.  I just returned from TechReady 6 in Seattle (more on that later) and the big news is:  Jim Duffy is now a Microsoft Regional Director for the Carolinas!  Congrats Jim!  See his post here.As we frequently get asked, just what is a Microsoft Regional Director?  I like Richard Campbell's answer: "We're not a Microsoft employee, we don't necessarily have specific regions, and we don't direc... [More]

VSTS Briefings

Just saw the following events coming soon to Raleigh and Charlotte (as well as couple of other locations in the southeast).  If you're interested in VSTS, check 'em out!Come join your technology peers to learn about current and future .NET technologies.  The focus of this 1 day seminar will be around Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team System.  You’ll be provided with an overview of each role and the session will wrap up with a preview of the next version of Team System (codenamed “Rosario”... [More]

Increasing Scalability in ASP.NET Apps

Time for another series of posts!This time, I'll talk about a few scalability options in ASP.NET applications.  Getting higher performance and greater scalability isn't a one-time, one-shot thing -- rather, it's something that is measured and tweaked continually.  While it's true that a good design up front is important, it's also true that you can't focus too much on performance tuning early in the game.  What alarmed me recently was taking a look at my performance stats up until the last fe... [More]

Initial SP1 Impressions

It's a bit strange -- the first Windows launch in awhile (Vista SP1, soon to be followed by Server 2008) where I'm not on the Windows team.  I've been running Vista SP1 RTM on my two main machines and thought I'd share some impressions.  SP1 isn't downloadable externally yet -- I believe this is mainly due to a few potential outstanding driver issues that may affect a few people, so the consensus was to make sure drivers had a chance to get fully tested before releasing SP1 to the masses.  (B... [More]

Interesting Referrals

I decided for fun to look over some referrals my site has received from various search engines, and I picked out some interesting ones.  Here are some of my favorites … I should keep digging to see how many fun ones I can find! … sounds intriguing!  Spelling aside, I have no idea how they found my site on this one. Amazon losing money? [More]

Raleigh Code Camp!

The Raleigh .NET User Group is hosting their 3rd Code Camp on February 16th!  They have an impressive line up -- not only some great looking sessions, but some terrific guests as well.  I'm not sure how many of these names have been made public so I won't disclose, but it's really an event you want to be at.Registration is now open -- just visit this page: you there!

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