Glen Gordon in Charlotte!

If you are in the Charlotte area Tuesday night and/or Wednesday morning, be sure to catch Glen Gordon at the Charlotte Developer's Guild meeting Tuesday evening, or at the Microsoft office Wednesday morning for an MSDN event.User group info:'s blog:

i-Mate : IDisposable

Andrew blogged about receiving an i-Mate Momento digital picture frame awhile back.  Everyone on the team received one -- and it's just so cool to get gifts like this from management every-so-often.  It's one of the reasons I love working for Microsoft.The frame lets you do lots of cool things, like e-mail pictures to it (or another frame), pull images/data from a wireless LAN, and for the uber cool, implement Windows Side Show.  (There's even a picture of the frame in action on the side show... [More]

Fall Foliage in the Northeast

Recently the team assembled in New Jersey and while driving around, we started a conversation on how odd it is that the leaves haven't yet fallen.  Since I grew up in New York, I remember that by Halloween, most of the leaves were on their way to the ground, and certainly by Thanksgiving, the trees were bare.  But, it looks like a mid-September day with most of the leaves still on the trees.Before anyone starts thinking about global warming, the Weather Channel has a story that explains it:"With t... [More]

Our last MSDN Roadshow: Greensboro

Chad Brooks and I will be holding our final MSDN Roadshow series in Greensboro on Nov 13!  For more information, look here: session is all morning, and we'll cover a great deal of Silverlight, plus a survey of other next-gen web technologies coming out of Microsoft.  If you're nearby, be sure to come!

PTNUG: Test Driven Development

PTNUG is meeting on Tuesday evening!  Bob Gusek will discussing test driven development (TDD) -- if you're around the Triad area, be sure to stop by! 

TechEd 2008!

At long last, some news about TechEd 2008 is here! of great changes for 2008, and especially after the canceling of PDC this year, it's nice to see some more developer-centric material!

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