Meet John Lam

Come meet John Lam, the man behind IronRuby, at the Microsoft Charlotte Office on November 1st.  Welcome time is 6:30 pm!John Lam is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft, and he'll be on site explaining what’s coming with IronRuby – Microsoft’s exciting new open source project based on the dynamic language runtime (DLR).   Snacks will be served, and the session will be highly interactive.  Whether you are new to IronRuby or have been following it closely, be sure to stop by to meet Joh... [More]

This Week's Events

There's a lot of things going on this week!  In case last weekend's Charleston Code Camp wasn't enough, we've got Russ Fustino in Raleigh tomorrow for both an MSDN Event and also a special user group meeting.  If you're in Charlotte (heck, even if you're in Raleigh or otherwise within a few hours of Charlotte, it's worth the drive) the local guild is holding a code camp.  There's a ton of great sessions planned that will cover topics like Silverlight, Sharepoint, Mobile development, WPF, LINQ... [More]

Charleston Code Camp

Join us this Saturday, 10/13/07, for an all-day Code Camp in Charleston, SC!The folks in Charleston have done a great job at pulling this together, and several of us from Microsoft will be on hand.  Chad Brooks and I will be doing a Silverlight, AJAX, and Virtual Earth presentation similar to our recent roadshow, and Joe Healy will be heading up from Florida to give me a hard time, too!With the variety of sessions and tracks, there something for everyone, so be sure to register if you haven't already!

Rob Zelt: MVP

Congrats to Rob Zelt for being named MVP in ASP.NET!  It's great to see more folks in the Carolinas being recognized for their hard work.  Way to go, Rob!  (Now, what he doesn't know is that I'm going to ask even more of him :)) See us at the Charlotte Code Camp on 10/20 doing the recent Brian and Chad MSDN Roadshow content.  (Unfortunately, Chad can't make it, but Rob will step in for the occasion!)

Local Book Authors!

Chris Love has a new book out -- should be hitting shelves soon!  It's called ASP.NET 2.0: Your Visual Blueprint.  Check it out!  You think he'll sign a copy for me?  Also, Murray Gordon out of Charleston, SC has completed work on a SharePoint book, entitled SharePoint 2007: The Definitive Guide.  Check it out on O'Reilly's site.  If you  simply must educate yourself on SharePoint, this is the book to have!  (I kid, I kid -- SharePoint has come a long way, baby. ... [More]

Fun Error Message

Not as bad as some of them that have appeared on TheDailyWTF, but I thought this error from Outlook 2007 was kind of useless:In fairness I had a few beta add-ons installed at the time, so I'm not sure who was at fault, but it's still amusing.  I think it's the question about whether or not it was helpful.  :)

.NET Framework BCL Source Code

Today Microsoft is releasing some of the source code to the .NET base class libraries!This is exciting.  Check out more info on Scott's blog:, the biggest thing that came to mind when I heard this is, "I've got Reflector, so why should I care?" Reflector is a great tool, for sure, but it's basically reverse engineering the IL.  Sometimes things aren't clear or necessarily consistent.&... [More]

ASP.NET Error Handling

Chris Love has a good post about error handling in ASP.NET.  There's a lot of debate (and perhaps confusion) about properly implementing error handling and URL rewriting (see this post) but Chris has some good insight on this.The bottom line, in my opinion, is that the behavior is an architectural decision.  The status code and page returned may be variable based on the circumstance -- was there truly an unhandled exception?  What about when a product ID no longer exists?  Should we redi... [More]

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