WorldMaps: Wow!

I've seen a huge spike lately in WorldMaps traffic -- no doubt in part thanks to Andrew for talking about it in his blog!  Thanks Andrew!As the hits and new users are pouring in, I've noticed two trends that I need to consider.    First:  there are a few commercial sites out there using WorldMaps.  I hadn't really given this much thought (and by commercial, I mean a site that seems to be advertiser-driven and/or apparently subsidized somehow).   There's nothing wrong ... [More]

WorldMap 160px Version

By popular demand (that's, um, 2 users) I've made a 160-pixel wide version of WorldMaps thumbnail.  This makes it a bit more convenient for narrower navbar panels where the 200 pixel wide version was too wide.   Of course, you can override the default by specifying a width/height in the image tag, but nothing looks as good as the original.  To take advantage of this, specify a thumb_160 value for the size parameter, like so:<img src=" [More]

Training with TakeNote

Jim Duffy over at TakeNote let me know about a few training classes he has coming up, covering VB.NET and ASP.NET.  Check it out on his site!  The classes aren't free, but it's a great way to get up to speed on these technologies.  Jim often co-presents with me at several events, like the .NET U classes and code camps, and is also VB MVP (don't hold that against him! :)).

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