PTNUG Tonight!

Tonight I'll be speaking at PTNUG at 6:30!  Be there or be square.The topic will be Windows Workflow Foundation.  I don't think I'll have the time, but I'd love to show some of the new Silverlight/AJAX features Chad and I demoed yesterday as well.

Flash -- no x64?

I can't believe I haven't noticed this sooner, but Flash doesn't support 64-bit?!  (Just got this page when trying to run Flash in IE on Vista x64.)So, sure, I can run a 32-bit IE but why should I have to?  Further digging finds this old Slashdot post.Chad Brooks and I finished our first Roadshow today in Raleigh where we dove into Silverlight.   Obvious comparisons are made between Flash and Silverlight... [More]

New WorldMap Stat

I added a fairly small but cool WorldMap stat that essentially measures your progress towards world domination.  :)It's called WorldMap Coverage, and measures the global coverage of the WorldMap account, based on all known current locations.  Obviously, this "known locations" will be in flux over time, so it's a bit of a moving target.  On my WorldMap report page, my current number is: WorldMap Coverage ... [More]

Why I Like C#, Reason #824

I'm going to pick on Chris Love here because he disabled anonymous comments on his blog, and he only provides a partial RSS feed.  It's a good thing I like his blog and am willing to click through on each post :)Chris is an industry guru on ASP.NET in particular and certainly knows his away around a compiler.  He recently posted about a clever VB "IF" statement to simplify some conditional logic in this post.  He's right on with the thought and this is completely valid, but its syntax is why ... [More]

WorldMap All-up Map

I had someone ask me what a theoretical "max" WorldMap would look like, so here it is:Heh.  This is cool.  As crowded as it is, the larger map is really crowded, too.  All said, there's about 20,000 unique locations.

MSDN Roadshow -- Register!

Chad and I are ready to rock with our NC/SC Roadshow, starting next Wednesday in Raleigh.  Below are the event times and registration links.Just what is the Roadshow?  It's a chance for us to work on some content, and hammer out some dates where we can hit the road and talk about it.  For this show, we'll be discussing Silverlight, web services, AJAX Futures, and Virtual Earth.  It's a lot of content to cover, but it's stuff we're really excited about.  If you're in North or So... [More]

Gas Pump Trivia

For more than 15 years I've been standing at the gas pump wondering, "what the heck is the (R+M)/2 method for determining the octane rating?"I mean, is it really necessary to tell me the formula?  Do different gas stations do it differently?  Obviously, the sum of two numbers divided by 2 is an average, but what does it mean?Here's an quote from csgnetwork:Gasoline pumps typically post octane numbers as an average of two different values. Often you may see the octane rating quoted as (R+M)/2. One ... [More]

Ruby Hoedown

On Friday and Saturday, I attended the Ruby Hoedown in Raleigh.  This was a pretty interesting event and not like the ones I typically attend.  I had one person comment that he was surprised (pleasantly) at Microsoft's interest and sponsorship of the event, however, it really fits in with the direction of the platform, specifically with IronRuby.  Aside from Bruce Tate's comment about Microsoft being the Satan of the Northwest, it was quite a friendly e... [More]

Silverlight: Install Order Does Matter!

I've been getting *killed* by trying to get Silverlight Alpha 1.1, Silverlight RC 1.0, VS2008 beta 2, and VS2005 all to work seamlessly.  Despite uninstalling/reinstalling various ways, I kept getting nothing but pain: missing dll references, mainly, but I can't fix that despite adding registry keys and/or pointing to the assemblies directly in the Silverlight folder.  (Apparently there are a few known issues and we're working on a patch to correct some of these issues.)Well, I was about to g... [More]

Channel 9 Guy Goes to Red Hat

I have had a great couple of weeks and need to do some blogging catch up.  This, though, couldn't wait.  Earlier today, while at the Ruby Hoedown in Raleigh, I ran into the Channel 9 Guy at Red Hat HQ.  I'm not quite sure what he was up to, but he took me on a tour of the building.  Fortunately, I had my camera so here are some highlights.  Click for a larger version. Here he is signing in.  First visitor of the day! While waiting, he enjoys a nice beverage. Peek-a... [More]

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