SilverLight at PTNUG

If you're in or near the Greensboro/Triad area Tuesday evening, be sure to stop by the Piedmont Triad .NET User Group ( meeting.  For more information, visit the PTNUG site.  Rob Zelt will be talking about SilverLight ... should be a great talk!

Phishing Quiz

I came across this fun quiz on phishing on the McAfee site: you have 5 to 10 minutes, give it a try.  A couple of the questions are fairly easy, a couple of them are fairly tricky.  But the last one is my favorite:True of false: An SSL certificate ensures that a site is genuine.Ah, not so easy to answer.  There are a number of ways to answer this and each has their own set of arguments.  The problem with the question is two-fold:  technically th... [More]

Bill Jones @ the Guild!

Tomorrow, July 24th, Bill Jones (Charlotte Developer's Guild president and MVP) will be giving a presentation on LINQ to the local user group.  If you're around, be sure to check it out!  Here's the announcement:Join us Tuesday July 24, at 6 PM in the Information Technology Building at CPCC Central Campus for a presentation of this huge advance in how we retrieve and process data We'll be looking at code to show some concrete examples of LINQ. We plan to save a little time at the end for a discuss... [More]

The Joys of Moving

First a side story: several years ago before I joined Microsoft, I blogged about my general dislike for professional/technical certifications (that post is here).  I've had to give this position a lot of thought as both a Microsoft representative and an evangelist.  Being in the field and talking with so many people and customers, various convictions are tried daily.  So, 3 years later, what do I think?  I still don't _personally_ care for certifications.  I think for many folks, it... [More]

Double Take

Every Sunday we'll try to do a family drive and check out open houses in the area.  It's a lot of fun -- it's always cool to get ideas of what looks good (and what doesn't!) in the various homes around the region.  And while only my old posse out there will understand this, I did a double take followed by a "thank goodness for decisions made" moment when I came across this sign in front of a new home in a nearby neighborhood:

Credit Card Status: Stolen

I've been bamboozled.  Well, not exactly bamboozled, but I always wanted to use that word.  I'm not exactly sure when this happened, but it was likely on my recent trip to Atlanta.  Someone ripped off my credit card number.  This sucks.  My credit card activity has gone up quite a bit with a lot of regional travel (when driving personally owned cars, as I typically do, we expense mileage, not gas/maintenance).So, Saturday afternoon there's a call on the machine in a computerized voi... [More]

In Atlanta

For the next few days, a few of us will be gathering in Atlanta for some training, but a bit of fun, too!  Check out Doug's post about "Whose Slide..." that we'll have Monday evening.  We did this a month or so ago in Greenville, SC and it was a lot of fun (not to mention embarrassing).  If you're in the area, be sure to stop by!

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