PDC is Dead, Long Live PDC

Excuse the dramatic title.  As you may have read already, Microsoft's PDC (Professional Developer's Conference) has been put on hold for awhile this year.  If you were planning on attending in October, better put the plans on hold for a little while.There's a lot of speculation and questions as to why the decision was made (shipping delays? Eliminating PDC altogether?)  The truth is, there's really no compelling message this year that would warrant having PDC at this time.  By early Octo... [More]

Coming To Raleigh...

This Thursday, 5/24, the MSDN Events team is holding a half day session on Cardspace and ASP.NET AJAX in Raleigh.  Check out the MSDN Events page for more info.  The sessions will be delivered by Lindsay Rutter, a fellow evangelist from up north.  Also, it's not to early to start thinking about the Raleigh Code Camp coming on 6/23.   Rob Zelt just blogged that the registration is now open -- so be sure to reserve a seat!  It's going to be a great event.

Greenville UG Fun!

Wow, what a fun time at the Greenville Developer's Guild last night.  Originally I was planning on doing my Vista internals talk, but it turns out that many of us were in Charlotte for a training class with Keith Brown (famous security guru and cofounder of Pluralsight), so we decided to head down together as a group after class.  And when Keith heard about some of the improv ideas we had, he came too!  (That is just very cool of him.)In attendance was myself, Keith Brown, Doug Turnure (Atlan... [More]

Security: Cardspace and Bitlocker

Over the past couple weeks, I've spent a lot time talking about Cardspace and Bitlocker.  In fact, at the Charlotte Code Camp on Saturday, we had some time at the end of the Cardspace talk so we dove into Bitlocker a little.  I've had some previous comments to my earlier Cardspace entries, and it came up at some of my talks: "Isn't Cardspace just 'yet another' method, like Passport, of handling authentication?" Yes it's another method, but it's much more extensible and flexible (think WS-Security,... [More]

Upcoming Events: SC Bound!

The next couple of weeks are looking action packed!Next Tuesday, 5/8, I'll be speaking at the Columbia, SC, User Group.  I don't think they've got a website quite yet but for those in the area, you know the meetings have been falling apart lately.  It's great to finally see the group revitalized!On Thursday, 5/10, I'll be speaking in Charleston, SC, and GCNUG.  If you're in the area, be sure to stop by.  In both cases, I'll be talking about Vista Internals.On Saturday, 5/12, I'll be in C... [More]

Code Performance: An Inside Conversation

Internally at Microsoft, there are a zillion different e-mail lists.  Sure, there are wikis, Sharepoint sites, portals, etc., but the e-mail lists make up the hive mind of the collective.  The difficult part is "attaching" and finding conversations of interest ... and every now and then one catches my eye, as this one did.  (And of course, while I'm re-reading this several times, another is setting up a rule to delete the thread automatically, but hey, that's the fun part.)The topic star... [More]

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