NC Job Market

Joe down in Florida passed this my way:  Raleigh is coming in as #3 in CNN Money's "best jobs in the hottest markets" special.  Be sure to check this out.  A lot of us who are here already know this.  But it's great reinforcement to what we've been seeing for awhile now.  And Charlotte comes in as #4.  The Carolinas are a great place to be.

Charlotte Code Camp

Don't forget!  The Charlotte Code Camp is coming up on May 12th -- just about 2 weeks from now!  This is conveniently right before Mother's Day, so if you need a last minute gift, be sure to head to the code camp as there will be plenty of swag given away.  And if there's one thing Mom's always want: it's a copy of the latest Wrox or MS Press book.  This code camp will offer a tremendous number of hands on labs and there's often no better way to learn!  We hope to see you there.

WorldMaps Prototype

WorldMaps started out as a little tinkering for my own site's reporting (you can read more about it here).  I realized not too much later that it could be extended to support multiple sites -- so, hence the service that is available for others to use.  A few weeks back I added some additional stats to the report pages, too, to make it a bit more than eye candy.Now, admittedly, what is possible is just a matter of database space (which is limited for me).  In the meantime of figuring out how t... [More]

Scalability Talk Follow-up

I recently gave a long (~3 hour) talk on web scalability in Florence, SC (thanks to PDANUG and ACS Technologies for hosting!).  It was a fun talk that covered basic web architecture, ASP.NET techniques, and database strategies.While I didn't dive too much into database maintenance plans, I did get into some indexing strategies.  This is always a tough area to get into because you never know how much previous experience a group has had with effective indexing, execution plans, storage consideration... [More]

WPF/E ==> SilverLight

At long last (and before Mix!) we've finally announced the name of WPF/E:  SilverLight.  Read more about it here (  This is a good thing because, frankly, the confusion has already begun to set in about the differences in WPF and WPF/E.   Not only is the name cool, but finally there's some distinction between these two products.If you're going to Mix, be sure to check out demos from Jeff Prosise and also from members of the SilverLight team.

Microsoft's Reversal

In case you haven't heard -- we've recently announced that Expression will be included on MSDN subscriptions.   This has long been a source of controversy -- not just externally, but internally, too.  I know that many of us evangelists bubbled up the anger we often experienced from customers; and you know, it was frustrating because, as we talk more and more about WPF, we are often asked about Expression and we needed to point out that it wasn't going to be available for download on MSDN.I do... [More]

Home Lighting Project

This is a picture of our house at night (you can click most of the pictures here for a larger version ... but not this one).  Pretty exciting, huh?  What's worse is that it's somewhat of a neighborhood staple to have some nice landscape lighting.  If you were to drive down my street at night, you'd eventually just see a big "black hole" where our house is, except for a gas street lamp that flickers at the bottom of the driveway.So a fun weekend project (which is really many weekends) was to i... [More]

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