April Events

There are quite a few events coming up in early April!April 10th, I'll be in Florence, SC, for two different sessions.  Mid-afternoon, I'll be at a semi-open talk hosted by ACS Technologies discussing scalable web solutions.   For more info and to register, see Chris' blog entry and be sure to let him know you'd like to come.That evening, I'll be speaking at the Pee Dee .NET User Group discussing some of the new changes made under the covers to Windows Vista.  This talk has very little c... [More]

WorldMap Stats (Continued)

In my last post, I discussed a new bit of reporting on the WorldMaps page.  I made a comment in that post that I'd like to measure my local impact and because I've moved several times over the past couple of years, it's hard to make much of the stats since the numbers are "since inception."  So, I added a "90 day" view of the same stats that can be seen on the reports page.  WorldMaps has only been available for a few months, but over time, this will help show a trend in regards to ... [More]

WorldMap Stats

When I started WorldMaps, it was more or less a bare-bones service.  I added a couple of stats to it, but really, the potential for what could be done is a lot greater than what I've had time to implement.  I took another small implementation to fruition last night with a distance breakdown.  On the WorldMaps report page, you'll see a table like this: IP Distribution Miles Unique IPs Traffic % < 10 16 .01% 10 - 100 159 .63% 100 - 250 462 3.55% 250 - 500 2,430 14.81% 500 - 1000 2,3... [More]

PTNUG Tonight!

Tonight, I'll be speaking at the Piedmont Triad User Group, covering (from a high level) the new features .NET 3.0 offers.  If you are around the Winston-Salem area, be sure to stop by!  It's a fun session and, if you haven't had a chance to see what's new in .NET, this is a great opportunity to dive in.

Now Supporting CardSpace

I decided it would be fun to integrate Windows CardSpace into my site as an alternative authentication mechanism.  If you're running Windows Vista, or XP/2003 with .NET 3.0 installed, you can log into the site using a self-issued infocard.  (This also includes setting up a WorldMaps account.)One very cool way CardSpace can be utilized is in the noncorroborative authentication space.  As some of you may know, I require registration on my site to view family pictures and what not.  Much li... [More]

Hang with Jeff Prosise

Jeff Prosise, cofounder of Wintellect, will be spending some time in the Carolinas next week -- and we've decided to set up a social hour (or two) at a local sports bar.  Come on out and meet up with us!  Jeff has spent a great deal of time working with ASP.NET Ajax, WPF, and WPF/E.  If you're in the Charlotte area, come on out and have a cheese stick, beer, water, whatever your preferred poison is, and get to know him.  Location:Presto Bar and Grill445 West Trade St.Charlotte, NC 282027... [More]

Vista Error Reporting

There are a lot of improvements in the Windows error reporting functionality in Windows Vista.  In some of our Vista architecture talks, we go into this somewhat.  Overall, my experience with this has been very positive, but today I had an experience that was a little less than desirable. For the past couple of weeks, my laptop has had occasional problems when I put it to sleep.  Instead of sleeping, it crashes.  Note: I've been running Vista on my laptop for over a year now, and it has ... [More]

CardSpace & Why it's More Secure

We've been teaching quite a few .NET University sessions across the southeast over the past couple of months.  Overall, these sessions have been a big hit.  While of course we get a ton of great technical questions each session, the one that comes up quite a bit is regarding CardSpace and why it's a great solution (or is it?).One of the problems we identify in the digital identity management space is that users, often in frustration, use the same usernames and passwords across multiple sites. ... [More]

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