Charlotte Vista Talk

If you happen to be in Charlotte this evening, head over to the CPCC campus and catch the Vista presentation I'll be giving for the Developer's Guild.  We'll be presenting a ton of great content regarding Vista.  Be sure to register, and we'll see you there!

Tired of the "I'm a Mac" Ads

Anyone else getting tired of the "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" commercials?Oh, I know naysayers will say, "Well, duh, this guy was on the Vista team ... of course he's tired of it!"  But, those who know me know that I generally love this kind of stuff.  After all, if you can't laugh at yourself ...But, you know, there comes a time when "cute" just dissolves into mudslinging (that happened after the first 2 or 3).   It kind of reminds me of politics.  If you can't sell yourself on your own m... [More]

Lots O' Releases

Wow -- lots of releases this week!Virtual PC 2007:  The latest version of Virtual PC ... free!  It's a long awaited sequel to Virtual PC 2004.Reflector V5:  The latest version of Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector, an absolute must for all developers.  Scott Hanselman has a good writeup about the new features.Vista Hardware Assessment Tool:  Handy tool for inventory, assessment, and reporting on computers within a network for determining Vista readiness.Volume Activation Management Tool:&... [More]

Windows Family Discount

I stumbled upon this site @ Microsoft that offers customers who've purchased Vista Ultimate (full or upgrade) the opportunity to upgrade other home machines to Vista Home Premium for a pretty nice discount.  So, if you've got several machines in your house you've been looking to upgrade, this may be a cost effective way to do so.

Micro .NET Framework

Microsoft just released the new Micro .NET Framework for embedded systems.  How great is this?  I'm anxious to see how easily this will integrate with custom hardware solutions.  I read up on this via ComputerWorld, and on MSDN.  I've been considering some home automation projects and with companies like Leviton showing interest, this could make home engineering projects a lot more fun.

Vista Virtualization

At today's launch event in Greensboro, several people came up to me during the session breaks to get clarification on Vista's virtualization restrictions.  I admit, this area is really confusing and I thought I'd blog some thoughts on the topic.  As with everything else on this site (but particularly here) this is my understanding only and intended for guidance, and not representative of any official policy by Microsoft.  Let's get one confusing topic out of the way first: Vista supports a vi... [More]

Greensboro and Durham Vista Launch

Don't forget: tomorrow, 2/13, is the local launch event for Vista and Office in Greensboro, NC.  For more info on this event, visit the launch site here.  And on 2/15, the launch event is moving to Durham, NC.  The event is going great so be sure to c'mon down and say hello!  And if we're lucky, we can get Glen to perform the dangerous and awe-inspiring "balance the water on the laptop" trick. 

arcDevBrainPick this Friday

This Friday morning (10am EST), I'll be joining fellow DPE team members Peter Laudati and Bill Zentmayer for an arcDevBrainpick session.  All of us are out in Seattle at our internal TechReady conference ... this will be a fantastic chance to jump in with any questions you may have.  Just go easy on us -- it will be pretty early in the morning out here :)If you'd like to register, surf over to the WWE site and register.  See you then!

Random Rows in SQL 2005

I blogged awhile ago about selecting random rows in SQL ... the best way (IMHO) to do so is still the ol':SELECT * FROM Foo ORDER BY newid()... And of course you can set the number of rows to return in the usual way.In SQL 2005, you can use the TABLESAMPLE clause to perform similar functions -- either returning a percentage or specified number of rows.  For example:SELECT * FROM Foo FROM TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM (2 PERCENT)SELECT * FROM Foo FROM TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM (100 ROWS)You can also specify the REPEATABL... [More]

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