What makes an A-Lister?

Scoble referred to a blog post from Sue Polinksy about whether or not the big names in the blogging biz should link to smaller or newer blogs.  (A way of giving back, perhaps?)Blogging is such a nebulous medium, meaning different things to different people -- and that's a good thing.  I often wonder if an "A-Lister" like Scoble or Guy Kawasaki (whom I both read) would do well if they blogged under a pseudonym or pen name.  This technique is, of course, nothing new to authors for any number of... [More]

Vista in the News

We're coming up on release day for the consumer/public release of Vista -- tomorrow!  I came across a few interesting articles that, not surprisingly, interview several groups who feel Vista violates EU laws and want its release delayed.  One interesting quote I saw:It said Microsoft's XAML markup language was "positioned to replace HTML", the industry standard for publishing documents on the Internet. XAML would be dependent on Windows, and discriminatory against systems such as Linux, the group ... [More]

ATLAS finally RTMs

Old news in the blogger scene, but it's nice that ATLAS ASP.NET AJAX Framework has finally RTM'd.  It's a day late, IMHO, but better late than never.  I've been pleased with the progress when comparing this to the earlier versions.  It started off a bit slow and clunky (again, just IMHO) when compared to some of our partner's solutions, but it's nice to see it completed and polished.I've been asked a few times about when to use the ASP.NET AJAX framework versus other tools, like Telerik's AJA... [More]

Cool BI Conference

Microsoft is hosting what looks to be a cool BI conference in Seattle in early May.  I won't likely be there, but I find BI to be one of the more interesting fields as it is becoming more ubiquitous as software evolves and the need for data analysis increases.The info site is here, so be sure to check it out.

Microsoft Moonlighting Policy

A lot of prospective Microsoft employees have been hesitant to join the company due to policies about outside work (moonlighting).  Many large companies (particular tech companies) have specific policies about engaging in outside work, and until recently, Microsoft had a similar policy. From a policy point of view, it was reasonable (or at least, expected).  Work completely outside the core business, for the most part, was allowed without any prior permission.  Work that may be questionable r... [More]

Upcoming Events

There are quite a few great events coming up!  The key events are, of course, the Vista and Office launches that are starting now.  To find one nearby, check out this site:http://www.microsoft.com/business/launch2007/signup/default.mspxAt a glance, here are the dates in the Carolinas:1/16 Greenville, SC1/18 Charlotte, NC2/13 Greensboro, NC2/15 Durham, NCAlso, it looks like the Triad .NET User Group is revitalizing!  If you're in the area, please stop by the first meeting on 1/18 (6pm at RMIC ... [More]

Mix Registration Open

Registration is now open for MIX '07 in Las Vegas. Geared toward Web developers, designers, online advertising professionals and a broad set of partners and customers, MIX will continue to explore how to build more interactive and responsive experiences that take full advantage of the capabilities of the Web. MIX will also be an opportunity to dive deeper into Microsoft’s Web technology offerings and discover ways to create more dynamic customer connections that take user experience to the next level. ... [More]

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