PS3 Freeze Problems?

I haven't googled this yet to see if the problem is profound, but I just noticed something today about Sony's PS3.  First, any time there's a Best Buy, Circuit City, or other similar store, I wander in.  99% of the time I don't buy anything, but I just enjoy being around the gadgetry.  You understand.So, I've made it a point to look/try the PS3 demos that each store has.  And you know what I've noticed?  All except once, the PS3 was locked up.  I'm not saying there's a design f... [More]

DB Pro Launch Event in Raleigh

Don't forget -- this coming Thursday (12/14/06) is the launch event for the Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals.  This product is really cool because until now, there was no easy way to manage, deploy, and test databases and database objects.  It's at the Durham Marriott ... check out for more info!

Networking For Introverts

As an evangelist, networking is obviously an important part of the job.  I'd like to think, though, that it's a little bit like going to college.  Most people don't know anyone else, so the scene is already set for effective networking.In a recent special on PBS (I think it was PBS, anyway) Warren Buffet and Bill Gates spoke to a bunch of graduating students.  One student asked Warren for a piece of advice for students entering the job market and what he thought would be the most valuable ski... [More]

December Outlook

December will come and go real quick with the holidays fast approaching, but here are a few of the places you can catch me (or avoid me :)) this month:Tuesday, December 5th:  .NET University, Atlanta.  Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation.Thursday, December 7th:  .NET University, Charlotte.  Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation.Wednesday, December 13th: .NET University, Raleigh.  Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation.Wednesday, December 13th: TRINUG .NET User Group meeting, Ral... [More]

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