Warranty Fine Print

So, as Tom has heard endlessly from me, I've been looking in HDTVs for about 2 years now.  I've pretty much narrowed in on DLP for a rec room (LCD for a living room at some future point); I've heard many people say that it's worthwhile to get the extended warranty on DLP TV's, as a replacement lamp is typically included in the price (and the lamp typically costs about the same as the warranty).  It's too bad that DLP lamps tend to go somewhat quickly compared to other technologies, however, they a... [More]

Unsung Vista Features

OK, so I sort of have this pet peeve that every "cool" feature in Vista that you see is … yes, UI!!  And, in turn, it tends to be what I'm asked about the most.  The thing is, I wasn't on the shell team (or any feature team, really) and while Aero and all that is cool, there’s so much more that appeals to us techies than Flip3D.  Nonetheless, the shell is what people see, so it tends to be what people (including magazines) talk about.So, I'm in a hotel and have some time tonight so I thought ... [More]

Do I Yahoo? Not For Long.

I really wonder sometimes what the Yahoo Music engineers are doing over there.  Are there any usability or QA teams?  I'm a seconds away from canceling my membership, and suddenly Zune is looking more and more appealing because of my experiences.  (On top of this, Yahoo is raising its rates in November ... a pretty bold move in the face of additional competition.)So what's happening here?   Well, before I start into that, let's just say that I haven't been too impressed with the qua... [More]

In The Field

I'm way behind on e-mail ... so hang in there if you're waiting to hear from me.  This week I've been hanging with Doug Turnure in South Carolina and Georgia, meeting some great folks along the way.It was great to hook up with my architect counterpart in the area, Chad Brooks (Architect Evangelist for the southeast) and got to finally meet Jeff Prosise from Wintellect ... I've read a lot of his work in the past.  (When I was back in Redmond, I argued once with Richter about IDisposable.  I le... [More]

Upcoming Microsoft Events

Glen Gordon just let me know about some upcoming MSDN Events in Columbia, SC, and Charleston, SC.  I saw Glen present these sessions in Charlotte last week and it was fantastic -- if you're local and have any interest in database development, Windows Workflow, Expression Web, or just Glen as an overall cool guy, then stop by and check it out.Columbia Registration LinkCharlotte Registration LinkThe event will have 3 sessions ... I'll put the titles below -- check the links above for more details!Session... [More]

Interesting Zune Move

I'm guessing this falls into "the cost of doing business" bucket, especially when arriving so late to the party, but I was really surprised to read the Microsoft will pay Universal a fee for each Zune sold (see this article).OK, I get that business deals are often complex and a lot more than meets the eye (for example, a fee for each Zune sold with a lower per-song comission may be advantageous to Microsoft) ... but what I found surprising was this quote:"We felt that any business that's... [More]

Vista Released Today

At long last, the cat is out of the bag (like you didn't know it was coming!) ... Vista officially goes RTM today.  This is really exciting.  Sure, most of us have been using it for some time, but to see it officially released and, soon enough, on store shelves will feel great.Office and Windows are using some nice looking boxes ... I think that iPod parody wore off on some folks. :-)

.NET 3.0 Released

This info is pretty widely available by now, but we've officially released .NET 3.0.  Some of you who haven't been completely up to speed on the latest betas have asked me about it:  does this mean large amounts of refactoring and learning a new environment?  What are the differences?  What's new?  How long will it take users to adopt?Let's take the last question first.  All Vista installations (unless specifically removed) will have the .NET Framework 3.0.  It's available... [More]

Messenger Contact Card Error

I was playing around with some of the new features in Messenger, and noticed I had several pending requests.  When I tried to view some details of the request, I saw this error page:Oops.  It was transient, but not the cleanest way to handle errors. 

Setting Up Home QoS

A bit of a "light" technical topic, but I've talked about this a few times to some non-tech folks who've set up their home or SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) network and were looking to improve performance of their internet connection.  The frequent complaint: internet slowdowns particularly when multiple applications and/or multiple users are running demanding applications.  In a nutshell, the problem is that we're often demanding more from our internet connection than it can provide.  When ... [More]

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