WorldMap Updated

I did some updating on the WorldMaps service ... just to bring it a tad more functionality.  If you click on my WorldMap icon on the left of the page (direct link), you'll open a small stats page.  On it, you'll see some stats for the data, including the number of hits, locations plotted, etc.It still needs some work, but it's a step closer to being a more finished product...

Gaming Guide: Camping

I have to admit I love online gaming.  I remember playing 3D Helicopter Simulator from Sierra (released in 1987) with Rick on a 300 baud modem.  The good old days.I think it's the concept that you can play real people anytime that makes playing online such a cool experience.  That's why I was so excited about the Far Cry gaming pavilion at WinHEC 2005, showcasing Far Cry on the x64 platform (picture).  So, you could say I've been interested in online play from the beginning.  I real... [More]

.NET U Coming...

As Doug mentions in his blog, .NET U is coming to a few locations across the Carolinas.  .NET U is a program Doug came up with that coalesces some of the latest technologies from Microsoft -- check out the site for more info.The Pee Dee .NET User Group in Florence, SC, will be hosting the .NET U as a series over the winter ... here's the current rundown of content:11/14/2006 – Cardspace – taught by Page Brooks12/12/2006 - WCF – taught by Glen Gordon 01/09/2007 - WPF– taught by Chris Craft02/13/2007 - W... [More]

New Evangelist for the Carolinas!

It's been a long road getting out to the Carolinas, a journey that started several years ago.  But now I'm here, and I'll be working as a Developer Evangelist for the east coast DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) team!I'll be working with a lot of really great people I've been meeting and talking with, and of course, interfacing extensively with the developer communities in both North and South Carolina.  You can be sure to catch me at the Code Camps, launch events, and all other similar happ... [More]

No Blurb

I'm really excited about a lot of the new Avalon .NET 3.0 apps on the horizon.  One that I use on a daily basis is the New York Times reader.I don't know if it's publicly available yet, but it's great, except for some slow sync times.  The reason I love it is not that it is built upon .NET 3.0 (that would only make it cool).  I love it because it preserves the experience of reading a paper in virtual format.  You can scroll through the sections, resize, etc.  And it scales wonderful... [More]

The Path Less Travelled

I was looking into some potential flights for my mom to come visit us down in Greensboro.  When we flew here from Seattle, the tickets were about $100 each ... so I was really surprised to see such expensive tickets from New York, upwards of the $400 range.Just out of curiosity, I checked the price of tickets from Greensboro to some other airports within driving distance, like Raleigh or Charlotte.  The cheapest, listed on Expedia:Bear in mind, this an hour and half drive ... or a 7.5 hour flight,... [More]

A Job I Could Not Do

The weekend before leaving our home in Seattle, the HOA sent some tree trimmers around to clear the dead trees.  (That's what happens, unfortunately, when plowing down trees to make new developments -- many don't survive the elements they are now exposed to.)It was fun to watch these guys, and it's a job I could never do for a couple of reasons.  One, I couldn't climb the tree.  But second, and more to the point, I couldn't handle being that high without passing out.This guy, though, was... [More]

Knock Knock. Who's there? Not me.

That's right.  If you've walked up to my office recently in building 26, you may have noticed that it's, well, empty.  Recently, we decided to leave Seattle to head back to the east coast -- North Carolina, baby!  The house is sold, the bags are packed ... and we're off.  So, what's going on?  Well, I'd like to handle what happened and then, in a future post, describe what I'll be doing now that I'm out here.  Before we moved out west to Sandpoint, we decided that, ultimat... [More]

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