Firefox 2.0 RC1 Released

I just saw that Mozilla released Firefox 2.0 RC1 -- cool!  I like Firefox.  I admittedly prefer IE7 over it, but that's largely for two reasons:  Intranet sites that require integrated authentication, and ActiveX for streaming music.  For general browsing, I find it 6 of 1.Here's what I've noticed so far:  there's a few minor fit & finish pieces that are needed in some of the dialog boxes (nothing major, just background color and what not -- it's possible this is only evident on... [More]

New "WorldMap" Service

In a recent conversation I was having about some internet technologies, the subject turned to geographic reporting ... something I took a stab at awhile back in some of my geographic reports (like this one).  I had a couple of requests (literally 2, I think) that said I should open up the geographic reporting and offer some type of service.  So as my late-night project, I decided to do just that.How does it work?  Basically, a user creates an account (free), and then embeds an image tag on th... [More]

Vista RC1 Released

We just released Windows Vista RC1.  And, on time!  :)   I have to say that since build 5520, I've been really amazed with the progress the OS has seen.  RC1 (build 5600) is great (specifically, snappier and more stable), and should be available on MS Connect or MSDN.  Brian Valentine, Jim Allchin, and Steve Ballmer all spoke at the ship party -- it's really in the final stretch now, so if you've thought of trying it, grab RC1.

20/20 Week 15 Results

This morning I completed 20/20 Phase I.  The program has been a lot of work, but at the same time, I can't believe it's already been 4 months.  Wow!Now that I'm into Phase II, the program changes a bit, however, I'm still continuing in a Phase I mindset.  I'd like to continue to lose weight and get in better shape, so Phase II (for me) is more about making sure I can do this on my own.Here are some stats after the first part of the program:Weight Lost75 lbs.Body Age*28BMI-10 points!Cholestero... [More]

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