Random Recruitment Thoughts

Every once in awhile I'll stumble upon various posts that I'll have an opinion on, but won't bother blogging or otherwise commenting on.  I've seen a few posts lately that got me thinking, so I figured a consolidated post was in order.  Eric recently blogged about some technical questions (such as Big-O and data structures) during a Microsoft Interview (generally targeting industry pros who have been in the field for awhile):http://blogs.msdn.com/jobsblog/archive/2006/07/18/670121.aspx<snip>... [More]

Protected From Medieval Spyware

I'm a fan of OneCare, and here's why: it's simple, and includes a 3-computer license.  The "all in one" functionality is especially useful for machines I rarely log into ... so, tonight, while checking one of the machines, I couldn't help but notice my spyware definitions were a tad out of date:It's especially ironic that the default icon for Windows Defender is a castle! OK, it's amusing, but makes sense for computer geeks.  In fact, when calling File.GetLastWriteTime() in .NET, this date is retu... [More]

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