Beta 2 Feedback

It's beta 2 madness with both Vista and Office betas just launched.  It's been a busy month.I see and hear a lot of feedback around the web on what people think of Vista beta 2.  When installing, you may have noticed a fairly clean desktop ... a recycle bin, and a feedback icon.  If you have any opinions on it at all -- what you like, what you don't like, please leave feedback.  Let me say that again:  please leave feedback.  Double click the icon, and jot down some words.If yo... [More]

Small Steps to More Robust Code

Most of us have seen code that takes a value from a user-entered field and uses it internally, and hopefully, it does some checking on this data first.  For web apps, this is especially true of Querystring and Post data. By not doing some simple checks, we open up the application to a large number of security vulnerabilities, as well as just simple points of failure.A certain number of security concerns arise out of malicious data, such as SQL injection or cross site scripting. I'm not going to go into... [More]

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