It's Not That Interesting, Folks

With 1 year of service behind me at Microsoft, I've been trying to figure out how to sum up some thoughts.  I've been psyched for my 1 year anniversary to pass, though for different reasons than my former northern-Idaho colleagues understand. :)  (Sorry, that's an insider joke.)So what's with the title?  Microsoft not interesting?  Well, let me drop a bombshell, folks:  it's not Area 51, it's a company.  In many ways, a great company ... cool campus, good benefits, lots of smar... [More]

Increasing Website Performance

As developers, we often spend most of our time planning a database strategy, optimizing algorithms, etc., when it comes to tweaking performance of an application.  It makes sense, because that's where the true architectural decisions are made.  HTML and Javacript (not counting AJAX) seldom fall on the developer's plate for performance tuning (usually, that's fine by them).  Let's face it:  there's nothing glorified about tweaking HTML tags and finding that perfect balance of image qualit... [More]

Sessionless ReportViewer Control

Microsoft ships a ReportViewer control that integrates with SQL Reporting Services to display reports on an ASPX page.  There's an older one for SQL 2000 Reporting Services, but specifically I'm dealing with 2005. It's pretty slick.  The only challenge is: getting the thing to work without session state.  If you're trying to use the control to run reports in local mode without session state, you're hosed.  But that's ok, because most people tend to run them remotely.  According to t... [More]

Help, I've Been Googled.

Ouch ... about once a week or so I'll look over my site stats, and I was a bit surprised to look at the search engine report (found here).  (In short: currently I'm looking at over 3x the normal Googlebot volume, well above the others.)   With the exception of October 05, Google has consistently been one of the lightest indexers of my site, yet accounts for the most referrals.  This is a good thing ... and before I get any more drinking the MSFT coolaid cracks from the midwest (j/k ... but yo... [More]

Glacier: A New Logging Application!

I'm pleased to have finally completed a new electronic logbook tool called Glacier!  Glacier is designed to replace paper logbooks you'd often see in places like control rooms, security desks, plants, factories, or anywhere there might be a chronological logbook of events.I've had some experiencing writing a similar application over 5 years ago, and with all the latest advances in technology, I decided to give it another spin.  Specifically, Glacier is built entirely in C# 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, a... [More]

Windows Vista Upgrade Process

This article on "Why Vista Won't Suck" has seen a lot of buzz lately, from Slashdot to news articles to blogs like Mike's.  It's hard to get excited about the article since I'm entrenched with Vista every day, but one of the big things to take away from the article is the benefits that aren't visible.  Fit and finish is always the final stuff ... but I daresay, it's coming together, albeit slower than most people would've hoped (see #4).Still, one of the coolest things, I think, is Windows Anytime... [More]

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