Licensing Your .NET Applications

Have you ever wanted to create a licensing scheme for a .NET application?  In some ways, this process is very easy... but in others, it's annoyingly complex.  I figured I'd write about a few different methods available, and discuss some of the issues this presents with .NET as a platform.First, there is no single "right way" ... it all depends on the purpose of the licensing.  For example, is the licensing trying to reduce piracy?  Or, is it in place to remind the user or enforce licensi... [More]

Cool VS2005 Add On

Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects is a cool add on to VS2005 I just discovered -- it's a tool that wraps up some of the functionality in deploying/building/publishing web applications in VS2005.  It doesn't do anything (well, almost -- it does have a new assembly merge tool) you can't do by command line / configuration / GUI options.  It does, though, neatly coalesce these options.It's pretty noninvasive in the project, and adding a deployment project makes it real easy to deploy to dev/s... [More]

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