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I haven't been blogging much lately:  development-wise, things are super busy, and of course, there's a new Hitney in the house (registered users can see picts in the pictures section).  Result: no free time.  But, I did have a bunch of random thoughts...the first one:I got a kick out of StarForce attempting to sue a blogger for harassment (see this post).  The blogosphere is still figuring out its legal standing, but this letter was fairly amusing.  After knowing a few people who'v... [More]

Telerik: Doing it Right

Back at PDC I was the lucky recipient of a free license of Telerik's ASP.NET Controls Suite.  It's a suite of great looking ASP.NET controls -- particularly, the r.a.d. Grid and r.a.d. Editor are likely the biggest, but the others are really cool, too.  The r.a.d. Callback control is essentially an AJAX-enabler for virtually any typically non-AJAX enabled control (for example, you can make a typical ASP Label update asynchronously).  Neat stuff.But, I'm not here to review the controls (I alre... [More]

X-Box "Attach Rate"

I think the X-Box 360 is awesome ... really, I do.  But I have a complaint.  I just read a statistic (see time 7:56, or search 'X-Box attach rate') that the X-Box is averaging 4 game sales for every console sold -- which, apparently, is a very high initial sale rate -- more than any other console sold.This is great, but I question the value of this number as every store (that I know of) is selling the X-Box with large bundles of games only ... sure, under pressure Best Buy came out to admit that t... [More]

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