SiteSpider v1 Complete

Over the weekend I completed v1 of the SiteSpider tool (first mentioned in this post) -- basically, it's a tool that lets the user crawl a website and generates a link collection.  This link collection can then be viewed in a tree, or broken down by status code (such as 400 errors, 500 errors, etc.) -- there's also a report that displays the slowest pages on the site.  Here's a screenshot of the UI (nothing too fancy, but functional):You can also dump the link collection to an XML file, and then d... [More]

We Don?t Need Decoding!

Hot off my "We Don?t Need Encoding" post comes this gem (**edit: the question marks in the title of my encoding posts are intentional and meant to be funny**).  My group's director comes into my office today and starts telling me this tale of getting a gift card for a family member.  Knowing Coldwater Creek is a former employer, he knew I'd have a special appreciation for this.  He wanted the message on the gift card to simply say this: Thought you might like some "retail therapy" ... [More]

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