Blu-ray already obsolete?

In a recent post I talked about how PS3 is incorporating blu-ray players in the PS3 coming next year.  It's a risky move but potentially rewarding, should blu-ray take hold as the format of choice.  The X-box 360 could quickly look like yesterday's technology.But, I just read about holographic data storage and am really impressed.  Here's a couple of links:Red HerringC|NetWhat's so impressive?  300GB capacity (blu-ray is about 50GB -- still impressive) and, for me, the clincher is the tr... [More]

SiteSpider Tool

Back when I worked at Scholastic, I remember talking to some of the guys on the Grolier Interactive team.  They were running an application that would go through the encyclopedia and verify links and give a comprehensive report ... obviously something like this is needed when you've got a commercial product; it would reflect poorly on the company to have a lot of broken links in the shipping product.These days, tools like this are pretty common but I decided to write my own.  Really, all I wanted ... [More]

NHL Hockey Rules

Last weekend Dennis and I were watching a few hockey games. For the unaware, this year the NHL introduced a bunch of new rules to help boost the popularity of hockey -- and overall, I really like the new rules. No more ties (I think I'd lengthen the OT period before going to a shootout, though), less restrictive 2 line passes, and less goalie gear means a faster/higher scoring game. But something interesting happened in a game (I think it was the Colorado/LA game, I may be wrong) and I haven't heard anyone ... [More]

New Pictures and Video

Happy Thanksgiving! We uploaded a new video and pictures to the website in the Pictures area of the site.  The video has some footage from her 4th birthday party and a few other moments from the past few months.  The new pictures include some of Sav on Halloween and from her birthday.

X-BOX 360: Round 2 Begins

Today, Microsoft officially released the X-Box 360.  Wow.  This thing looks freakin' awesome. I say round 2 for, well, 2 reasons:  1) It's the start of the second console war between Playstation and X-Box.  And 2) It's the second huge release for Microsoft this year.  The first was for developers, with the dual launch of Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005.  And to think that Office (love it or hate it) and Vista is coming, it's like Christmas around campus.  It's like the p... [More]

Moving On, and Interviewing Classes

It's that time again: moving onward.  At the end of the month (assuming all goes well) I'll be moving over to the Windows Lifecycle team, leaving the Hardware Evangelism team I've been with for about 8 months.  Although it's been a short stay, it feels complete and a good time to move on, with Vista/Longhorn beta 2 on the horizon I'm excited about being in the Windows division and the new team.  (And speaking of evangelism, your team lost the chance, Scoble, maybe next time ... :)&n... [More]

New StateManager Release

I implemented a few changes to the StructureTooBig StateManager -- the first being the main namespace is now StateManager (formerly StateHandler -- first mentioned in this post).  This was done mainly to avoid an implied confusion with the name "handler."  The State class now contains a SessionExpireMinutes property that can be set programmatically; the default is set via the config file.  The big change in this release is the cookie spanning ability.  The module can span the serial... [More]

To RFC or not to RFC

One of the ideas I had to expand the StateHandler (more info on the StateHandler in this post) was to do "cookie-spanning."  In the current implementation, the serialized/encrypted state has to be under 4,096 bytes as the data was stored in a single cookie.RFC2109 specifies that browsers/clients should allow at least 20 unique cookies per domain, with each cookie capable of storing at least 4,096 bytes.  I thought, "Hey, it would be cool to be able to split my da... [More]

Introducing the StructureTooBig StateManager

I'm pleased to introduce the availability of a new HTTP Module, the StructureTooBig StateHandler (update: now called the StateManager).  A number of months ago I posted (in this entry) about my attempts at ridding myself of session state on my server.  Kinda tough to do in most situations.ASP.NET InProc session handling wasn't working too well for me: fact is, the shared hosting environment was just too taxing.  It's bad enough that the cache was getting flushed with each app recycl... [More]

NDoc Document Generation

I gotta be honest, I have never needed to generate too much documentation from code comments.  Often the projects have been small enough that simply commenting the code with XML comments was sufficient -- even though I never did anything with those comments.So on a project I'm gearing up to release here in a couple of days, I wanted to actually generate real MSDN or API style documentation from those XML comments.  Enter NDoc.  How is it I have never used this before?  Check it out ... [More]

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