The Monty Hall Puzzle

The Monty Hall problem is one of the best brainteasers I've come across; it's also one of the most debated. I first ran into this problem while taking a statistics class in college. It goes something like this: Suppose you are on a game show, similar to Let's Make a Deal. Monty Hall presents 3 doors, and asks you to select one. Behind one of the doors is a big prize; behind the other two are fake (or very low value) prizes. You select a door. Before opening your chosen door, Monty says, "Before I show you... [More]

Job Impressions - An Interesting Read

I have a couple of weeks of down time before I start my new job at Microsoft (though I wouldn't exactly call it downtime with moving and wrapping up affairs). I'm getting really excited, but as with any new chapter in life -- particularly one that involves a career and relocation -- I have to analyze what lead me down this path. At the time, I didn't do much thinking about why I was applying elsewhere, but by updating my resume and accepting interviews, I decided my current career path was coming to a cl... [More]

How to Write Unmaintainable Code

If you're a developer and looking for a good lauch, you must check out this article, How to Write Unmaintainable Code. I'm going to include my favorites here: 1. Creative Misspelling If you must use descriptive variable and function names, misspell them. By misspelling in some function and variable names, and spelling it correctly in others (such as SetPintleOpening SetPintalClosing) we effectively negate the use of grep or IDE search techniques. 2. Accented Letters Use accented characters on variabl... [More]

Interviewing at Microsoft

In a few weeks, we'll be moving to Redmond, where I'll be pursuing a career with Microsoft as a software engineer. After a few months of deciding my future in Sandpoint, we (the family) decided we should at least keep our options open and keep my eye on the job market. This is probably sound advice all the time, but it's a mentally draining process. I'm an avid reader of the Moon Gals' blog ( and back in early December, they posted about the need for software engineers (ht... [More]

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