WolfClock 3.1 Beta

Handango is pretty close to 15,000 downloads of WolfClock -- much more popular than I imagined. Now if I only made $1 for every download :) The feedback I've gotten has been great. There's been one persistent bug that I cannot get ironed out, mainly because it's partly an OS issue: an alarm may not wake the device up when it's time to sound. This problem is not native to WolfClock; rather, it seems native to the PPC 2003 OS. I experienced this problem on my device (an IPaq 2215), but have a workaroun... [More]

PC Mod: Audigy and Front Audio Ports

This is a bit of everything: rant, rave, babble -- but mainly, I'm writing this so the next unfortunate chap in this situation (who hopefully googles for an answer) will have a solution. I recently bought a new computer for doing home development work, video editing, and, well, ok -- playing games. I refuse to buy another Dell (rant). They're cheap, they're easy. But I hate the style, and I hate the fact that if you need a new power supply, you need to get it from Dell (along with almost every other com... [More]

Peculiarities in Posting Files in ASP.NET

It's pretty easy in ASP.NET to build a form that supports the posting of binary data through the HtmlInputFile control. This wasn't so easy in classic ASP. I just stumbled on a browser difference that well written code should handle, but still is a bit interesting to think about. The PostedFile object has a FileName property that according to MS, is: "The fully-qualiified path of the file from client's computer, such as 'C:\MyFiles\test.txt.'" I thought this kind of seemed like a security violation ... [More]

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