New Savannah Movie

Hola family members! We finally posted a new movie of Savannah. With the new rig I finally had a Windows XP Firewire card and available disk, so we spent some time last weekend editing about a half hour or so of footage into a few minutes. Check it out on the movies page. It's the last movie on the page.

E-Mail Date Parsing

I've done a lot of work automating various e-mail tasks -- sending e-mail, reading e-mail, parsing e-mail, etc. (Some have been just small routines as part of a site, some are sites among themselves like I tend to carry code forward if it worked for me in the past. I had done this with a routine to parse e-mail dates, but apparently everyone implements the RFC differently so it would occasionally misfire. Even some commercial applications I've used will miss some of the dates. The d... [More]

Certifications and Unnecessary Complexity

Every now and then I'll do a double-take when reading the tons of near-SPAM that shows up in my inbox. First, I'll give credit to Altova and the XMLSPY suite. They have some great software. But for those who know me, I'm skeptical of certifications in general; I always will be unless somebody develops a certification program that is able to reflect experience, analytical skills, and retained knowledge. As an example, just to show I'm not ranting on Altova alone, I recently read a few questions on an MC... [More]

A .NET Server Control for Imaging (Part II)

A week ago or so I posted my ImageResizer class that resizes images on the fly to create thumbnails or internet-friendly sized images. I've just completed the ImageControl server control that uses the ImageResizer class for core functionality. Documentation of the control is posted here. The purpose of the control is to wrap all of the functionality of the ImageResizer class, but in a designer-friendly and easy to use interface. The ImageResizer has a simple interface, too, but the idea is to hide the l... [More]

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