ASP.NET Annoyances with Dynamic Controls

I really DO like ASP.NET ... but there are a few things that have really been driving me nuts. In this case, it's creating dynamic controls. I'm currently building a web application to check email accounts. Each message generates a new checkbox dynamically, allowing the user to delete the message. The first limitation of dynamically created controls in this context is that they must be created in the Page_Load or On_Init events to participate in viewstate. That makes sense, or at least is reasonable; t... [More]

Search for Data in SQL/C#

I wanted to implement a blog search function ... not because I thought I had so much content, but simply because of the cool factor of having the functionality. I started to think about the ways to do this. The most robust that came to mind is creating a full text index on the blog tables. I really didn't want to do this, though. Frankly, a full text index for this type of thing is a bit of an overkill. They really shine for proximity and inflection searches on a lot of data. Take my employer's catalo... [More]

Random Rows in SQL (Part II)

Where I last left off we were discussing a fairly simple way of selecting a random row from a table. A more complicated method is to essentially not assume a 1..rowcount identity. What we can do is build a temp table of identities and select from it: declare @foo table (     fooId int identity(1,1),     quoId int ) INSERT @foo (     quoId ) SELECT quoId FROM quotes_quo DECLARE @count int DECLARE @rand int SET @count = (SELECT count(1) from ... [More]

Random Rows in SQL (Part I)

So here's the situation: I have a table with n rows, and I want to select a random row. This one, at least superficially, may seem pretty easy, but I quickly realized there was a bit more to this than meets the eye. In this case, I was writing a quick query that displays the random quote you see under the left nav bar of my site. I realized there are actually quite a few ways to tackle this; and like many solutions, there's isn't one best answer. It kind of depends on what you need. So my thought proc... [More]

Structure Too Big?

Unless you're one of about 8 people, this meaning of this site's name may need a bit of explaining. Even if you are one of these lucky 8 people, you may need your memory jarred. Story aside, I just like the name. Maybe the site is just too big; it seems to fit with the Inukshuk logo. But the story, to the best of my recollection, is this: Over 15 years ago, I was taking an AP Pascal Programming class in high school. I have a new appreciation for the laptop I write this on as I recall the machines we u... [More]

The End of An Era

There's a certain irony that my first blog entry on this site is entitled, "The end of an era." While this is a new era for me; sadly, it marks the end of LoneWolf Design. I started LoneWolf Design (LWD) in 1996 – eight years ago. At that time, MetaCreations was a new company, their software was hot, and the community was bustling. LWD was one of many sites that served as an online gallery for would-be digital artists. At one point, I was receiving dozens of emails a day, and site traffic was through t... [More]

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